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We are a custom tattoo studio established in 2013 that prides ourselves on high quality work in a clean, friendly environment. With our large range of artists, we tattoo everything from realism and portraits, to Japanese, American traditional, microblading and everything in between! 

Walk-ins welcome! To schedule an appointment with one of our artists, please visit the contact page.



Our Services



although we are an appointment only studio, we encourage anyone and everyone to come in if you want a quote or estimate, or opinions on future appointment tattoos. consults are free and is a great way to get more direction on what you want and make the proper appointment.

We are appt only, but our artists are easy to reach for walk ins also. Please contact them for an appt or consultation. 

Jay Melecio - 806-783-7772

 Chris Vargas- 806-544-9052

Dillon Duncan- 806-790-1960

and for Mike Diaz please fill out the contact form or email


currently each tattoo artist charges by the hour ranging from $100-$150 an hour depending ono the artist you choose. this also includes drawing time if design is done the day of appointment, you can always make the drawing process easier with the more references you have the faster the drawing time will be. Each tattoo is also done in session and you can always break up tattoos into more sessions if the total exceeds your budget or time.


We have 3 brow tech that specialize in 3 dbrows. Microblading is a special semi permanent technique giving sparse or full brows a structured more full natural look. for more info and appointments or pricing please visit





We are located at 4033 34th(off of Orlando ave. )

Lubbock Texas 79414

To set up an appointment, consult or get more info please submit the following form. and someone will email you back as soon as humanly possible. or you can call 806-632-0005

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in the chair soon :).